FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguishers

FireAde® is a personal fire suppression system designed for easy application and extinguishment of fire outdoors and around the house using our signature FireAde® firefighting foam. Non-toxic, safe for pets and children. Effective on Class A and Class B fires (97% of all fires).  As seen in use by the NHRA Safety Safari!

FireAde 2000 Fire Extinguisher


Allstar Fire Extinguisher Bracket #10510

Allstar Performance quick-release fire extinguisher brackets eliminate loose extinguishers and still allow for quick access with a pull pin. These billet aluminum brackets can be used to mount most 2.5 lb. fire extinguishers to a flat panel or roll cage tubing with the supplied clamps.  Supplied clamps are standard worm gear style, can easily be replaced with T-bolt style bands to be NHRA approved.

Only $53.00